Why a Woman's Gift? Because you care. Because you want to make a difference. Because a woman’s gift is a gift from the heart.


From generation to generation, Judaism has emphasized tzedakah, (justice, often embodied in acts of charity), not as a choice, but as a responsibility. Our Women’s Philanthropy fundraising efforts make it possible for each of us as individuals to step forward and do our part. Together, we can do so much to respond to the urgent needs of those who cannot provide for themselves.


As women continue to join men in courtrooms, board rooms and operating rooms, we can also join them in assuming equal responsibility for saving, sustaining and enriching Jewish lives. We all share pride in our community's strong communal fundraising efforts which provides financial resources to our agencies.


When we make a financial commitment to the Greensboro Jewish Federation in our own names, we serve as role models. We are counted. And, we are stronger as a community.



Held in November, GenerosiTEA honored our Greensboro Lions of Judah and Lion of Judah Endowments.



The Women's Philanthropy Collective invites all women to become involved and to be a part of a caring community of vibrant, active women who enjoy giving back. 


Be part of a strong, inclusive community of women who understand the impact of their Federation gifts. Use your talents to create community and invest in meaningful change. There are many ways to get involved, we are happy to have you with us.


Please consider joining at the Woman's Philanthropy Collective and enjoy a year of guest speakers, luncheons, classes, and other exciting programs. CLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY, for more information, call (336) 852-5433. 


Greensboro’s Lion of Judah program was initiated during a 1983 national UJA/Federation Women’s Mission to Prague and Israel. Many of the Greensboro women on that journey pledged $5,000 each, thus spearheading Greensboro’s involvement in the national Federation Lion of Judah “sisterhood.” Since that time, the program has since grown to over 50 proud Lions, active in many facets of philanthropy at the Federation.




The Lions of Judah are the most dynamic philanthropic Jewish women in the world. We are strong women of all ages, an international sisterhood of thousands of global activists who care deeply about the Jewish future. 


Lions of Judah play a vital role in creating social justice, aiding the vulnerable, preserving human dignity and building Jewish identity.

Our impact can be seen through our contributing of our time and resources. Each woman makes an annual donation to their Federation that reflects her capacity to give. In Greensboro, the minimum gift level is $5,000 for individuals. A combined household gift of $5,000 or more would also qualify a woman to be considered a Lion, if so desired. We wish to maintain the pride and recognition that comes with achieving the Lion of Judah giving level, while encouraging more participation.

The Lions of Judah set an exemplary standard of leadership and giving. CLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY, for more information, call (336) 852-5433.




Compassion. Strength. Leadership. A deep commitment to the Jewish community. You are a woman who embodies all of these values. You are a Lion of Judah. Your work helps support, sustain and build Jewish life — across the street and around the world. Endowing your Lion of Judah ensures that your philanthropy makes an even greater difference throughout your lifetime and for generations to come.


When you create a Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE), you establish a charitable gift of at least $100,000 in your name. This endowment is designed to provide ongoing support of the Greensboro Jewish Federation and the causes most important to you.

Your attorney or financial advisor can advise you on the best endowment vehicle for you. The most popular ways to create a LOJE include:

  • A charitable gift of bequest can be made in your will or living trust

  • A retirement fund that names Federation as the beneficiary of all or part of the fund

  • Life insurance policy


There’s no denying we live in an uncertain world. However, women are proving stronger than ever. And as a LOJE, you are shaping the Jewish future. Contact the Jewish Foundation of Greensboro Director Susan R. Gutterman to start creating your legacy.


The pomegranate is one of the seven fruits named in the Bible, said to contain 613 seeds – one for each of the commandments (mitzvot) found in the Torah. This ancient symbol is one of the oldest found in Jewish art and ritual. It has been carved in the entranceways of the earliest synagogues, woven into fabrics, and hammered into silver and gold. The intricate covers for the handles of the Torah scrolls are called pomegranates (rimonim). 




The Pomegranate is a symbol of a woman’s commitment to and compassion for the Jewish people. This giving level brings together like-minded donors to do a world of good. Pomegranate women will share a special connection with Jewish life for years to come.


The Pomegranate pin was introduced in 1981 by the women of Allentown, Pennsylvania as a way to inspire giving from women of all stations. Modeled after the Lion of Judah program, the women felt that a pin at the mid-level would forecast a continued commitment to Jewish life. Four decades after its inception, more than 7,000 pins have been distributed across North America.


All women who commit an individual gift of $1,800 - $4,999 to the Greensboro Jewish Federation’s Annual Campaign are part of the Pomegranate Society. Being part of the Pomegranate Society is a declaration of your personal commitment to honor traditional Jewish values of justice (tzedek) and acts of loving kindness (gemilut hesed). CLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY, for more information, call (336) 852-5433.






Women who give at Pomegranate level are encouraged to endow their gift in perpetuity. An endowed Pomegranate will be draped with gold-toned leaves, signifying a woman’s commitment to the continuation of Jewish life. Contact the Jewish Foundation of Greensboro Director Susan R. Gutterman to start creating your legacy.


Your gift to the Greensboro Jewish Federation Campaign is helping save and change lives in Greensboro, Israel, and countries around the world.

Mail It!

Mail your donation to Greensboro Jewish Federation 5509-C West Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27410

Call It In!

To donate by phone or modify a recurring gift, please call (336) 852-5433 ext 233

Pledge Online

Prefer to pay later? No problem! Make a pledge online, and choose to pay at times that work for you.

Donor Advised Fund:

Contact Maryann Kingsmill (336) 294-0846 to submit a donation from your Donor Advised Fund held at the Jewish Foundation of Greensboro.