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Hamas’s Brutality: Against Israel, Against the Hostages, Against the Palestinian People

  • Hamas is Not Allowing People to Evacuate; Holding Civilians Captive (i24 News/X)

  • Hamas Keeping Gazans in Poverty, Suffering (Jerusalem Post)

  • While Palestinians Starve, Hamas Leader’s Son Spends Thousands Of Dollars On Jewelry (Times Of Israel)

  • Al Jazeera Interview: Elderly Palestinian Attacks Hamas for Stealing Aid From Civilians in Gaza (NY Post)


American Jews Under Siege

  • Penn Professor "Playing The Victim is What Jews are Best at" (X)

  • Jewish Employees at TikTok Face Antisemitic and Hostile Work Environment (Fox Business)

  • Sabra Food Brand Vandalized in Stores Across Philadelphia (Philadelphia Inquirer)

  • UMass Amherst’s Students for Justice in Palestine Shuts Down a Dining Hall, Screaming “Intifada Revolution” (X)


  • What’s it Like To Be a Jew At NYU (IG)

  • Video: Failed Moral Leadership Has Led to The Moral Decay of Campus Culture (Noa Tishby)

  • I Investigated White Supremacists for Years. The Rising Hate in America is Now Alarming. (USA Today)

  • At Harvard,"Fatphobia" Constitutes Violence. But "Globalize the Intifada" Requires Context (The Free Press)

  • Palestinian Journalist Bakir Oweida: Kidnapping Women, Children And Elders Is Wrong And Un-Islamic; Hamas’s ActionsWill Bring Disaster Upon The Palestinians (MEMRI)