Thank you for your interest in establishing a fund with the Jewish Foundation of Greensboro. You may make a gift of almost any size, either during your lifetime or through a bequest. The Foundation offers flexible vehicles to meet your charitable objectives, accommodating individuals of modest means as well as those with substantial wealth. Every gift is one of consequence to the Jewish people. Scroll down to learn more. 


Contact the Jewish Foundation of Greensboro Director Susan R. Gutterman at (336) 852-0099.

Types of Funds


  • Unrestricted Funds generate income from which discretionary grants are made to meet current community needs.

  • Donor Advised Philanthropic Funds may bear your name or the name of someone you wish to honor or memorialize. You have the privilege of recommending charitable distributions.

  • Field of Interest Funds may be designated within broad fields such as Jewish education or cultural programming.

  • Designated Funds may be established for a specific project or organization about which you care deeply.

  • Life Insurance Gifts enable you to make a substantial future endowment gift through tax deductible premium payments.

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts provide you or your designee with an income for life. Afterward, an endowment is established in your name.

  • Charitable Lead Trusts pay income to an endowment within the Foundation for a specified period of time. The principal is returned to you or other persons at the termination of the trust.

  • Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowments (PACE) and Lion of Judah Endowments (LOJE) endow your current level of annual support to the Greensboro Jewish Federation.

Investment Committee members

Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund is a named fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greensboro that is invested with the rest of the Foundation’s assets and managed by a professional financial advisor. You sign a simple agreement with the Foundation and transfer assets—either cash or stock. When you wish to make charitable distributions in the amount of $100 or more, you recommend the donations through the Foundation, and we handle the rest. You receive quarterly statements and copies of all transactions.

There are many reasons to open a Donor Advised Fund:

Less Paperwork

If you give to multiple organizations, you no longer have to worry about tracking those gift receipts for tax purposes. The only thing you need to give your accountant is the receipt for your gift to the Foundation.

Control the Timing of Your Gifts

If you are ready to make a charitable gift and receive the tax deduction now but want to defer your gifts to your favorite organizations, we can help. You can give your gift to the Foundation today, invest it with the Foundation’s assets, and then have the flexibility to recommend distributions to charities when you are ready.

Save on Capital Gains Taxes

When you contribute long-term appreciated stocks or mutual fund shares directly to your Fund, you pay no capital gains taxes when the assets are sold.

Show Jewish Support

Your gifts are clearly designated as coming from your Donor Advised Fund. Because your fund is held at the Jewish Foundation of Greensboro, you will show Jewish support of the general community every time you make a gift to a secular organization.

Engage your Family in Philanthropy

You can designate your children as Successor Advisors to make recommendations for distributions from your Fund so that they can continue your legacy of giving.