15 2021

Law and Public Health: Government Power During the Pandemic

12:00PM - 1:30PM  

Join us Friday, January 15 at noon for a 90-minute interactive discussion featuring panelists Christine Coughlin, Steven Friedland and David Levine. Law and Public Health: Government Power During the Pandemic will explore topics including:

  • Limitations of government power during pandemics / executive orders / lockdowns 
  • Regulatory / legal structure of how vaccines are approved and distributed.
  • Government / private sector partnerships in creating and distributing vaccines.
  • How intellectual property protections may create barriers to accessible COVID diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines
  • The power of government to mandate vaccinations — can government choose who has access to the vaccine?

Program is free and open to All members of the legal profession, guests and current law school students.

Application has been made to the Board of Continuing Legal Education of the NC State Bar for CLE credit.


Sponsor: Greensboro Jewish Federation Cardozo Society, Jewish Foundation of Greensboro Committee of Professional Advisors