30 2022

GJF P2G Nashim: A Rosh Chodesh Women's Group

1:00PM - 3:00PM  

Join women of all ages from Israel, the Southeast USA, and the Czech Republic for a series of study sessions in which we will delve into the world of women in Judaism.
Nashim2Gether will celebrate:

January 30 - Leadership
February 27 - Courage
April 3 - Liberation
May 15 - Love

Panel facilitator Jasmine Hubra, Hadera-Eiron P2G Fellow
Co-Host Rabbi Michal Ratner Ken-tor, Pardes-Hanna Karkur
With special guests from our SE communities.

All events will take place on Sundays at 1p.m.
ניתן למלא פרטים בעברית ובאנגלית.