4 2020

GJF: Civil Rights Journey Next Steps

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Civil Rights Journey: Follow-Up and Action Steps

Three Session Series


This series of sessions is being offered as an opportunity for participants on the February 2020 Civil Rights Journey to reconnect as a community and reflect not only upon the experience but also to get centered around meaningful next steps.  Participants will be introduced to and/or gain a deepened understanding about local organizations that are committed to racial and social justice. The goal is to provide a forum for conversations that move us from talk to action and from action to impact. 


Session #1 Reflections August 4

As a result of this experience, what are some of the emotions you felt then and now? What’s different? What have you done differently?


Session #2  Next Steps August 11

What are some organizations, here in the Greensboro community, that are working to achieve goals that are aligned with individual and/or collective values about race and social justice? How can I connect with one or more of these organizations that will allow me to take action?


Session #3  Making A Difference September 15

Accountability: What did you do?