15 2020

BD-Mindfulness in a Political Environment

7:30PM - 8:30PM  

Beth David Synagogue 804 Winview Drive
Greensboro, NC 27410
3362940007 info@bdgso.org

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We live in partisan times. Sometimes it feels like our political world is spinning out of control—devolving from what we once knew as a healthy competition between two parties into who knows what. And the political process seems to be increasingly focused on appeals to emotions and incendiary rhetoric rather than on the substance of competing ideas.
Whatever your political persuasion, this coming election cycle will offer us all more anger, bile and anxiety—and living in what will likely be a highly contested state means that ignoring the news won’t save you—political advertisements will be everywhere. The answer can begin at home.
The Answer—join Andra LeBauer and Rabbi Ben-Gideon over six evenings in January-April as we cultivate within ourselves six spiritual midot (attributes) which can help fortify ourselves to face the onslaught of political anger with equanimity. Each session will use elements of Mussar practice to help us focus on one midah that we think especially helpful in dealing with this environment. Techniques will include study and guided meditation.