Jewish Overnight Camp Grants and Scholarships

Camp is a transformative experience in the life of a child. From traditional sleepaway camps to specialty camps, there is one right for your family.

The impact of Jewish camp is immediate—campers return home connected to a community and friends that will last them a lifetime. And it doesn’t stop there. Children with pivotal Jewish camp experiences are more likely to become adults who value their Jewish heritage, support Jewish causes, and take on leadership roles in their communities.

There are a variety of traditional and specialty overnight camps that span different denominations of Judaism, accommodate special needs and interests, and offer unique programming, catering to each family’s needs. 

Paying For Camp

We know that paying for camp can be a challenging and often confusing task. We have prepared this guide to acquaint you with the financial resources available. 


Grants and Financial Assistance are available only for Greensboro residents who are contributing members of the Greensboro Jewish Federation. Contact Carly Dunno, Outreach and Engagement Manager, Greensboro Jewish Federation, or Betsy Gamburg, Director of Jewish Family Services, about any aspect of this information.

First Year Campers

The Greensboro Jewish Federation, in partnership with Beth David Synagogue, Temple Emanuel, and the Foundation for Jewish Camp, offers funding to children in grades 3-12, living in the greater Greensboro area, who wish to attend Jewish overnight camp for the first-time.

The Greensboro Jewish Federation, Temple Emanuel, and Beth David Synagogue offer a One Happy Camper First Year Incentive Grant of $1,250 to an approved non-profit Jewish overnight camp over 18 days long. If your child is going to a program of 12-18 days in length a grant of $875 is available.


The approved camp list and application is found on the One Happy Camper website.


Learn about approved camps on the One Happy Camper website and apply online here. Questions or concerns? Contact Carly Dunno, Outreach and Engagement Manager, (336) 852-5433 x243.

The Stanley Shavitz Camp Judaea Camper Incentive Grant

The Stanley Shavitz Camp Judaea Camper Incentive Grant Fund provides an additional first year grant of $1,000 to campers attending Camp Judaea. If you are applying for the One Happy Camper First Year Incentive Grant, you will automatically be considered for the Shavitz Fund if your child is attending Camp Judaea.  


The Shavitz fund is also available to second year campers attending Camp Judaea in an amount of $500/camper for camps greater than 18 days. 


The Fischer Send-A-Kid to Overnight Jewish Camp Incentive Grant Fund

The Fischer Send-A-Kid to Overnight Jewish Camp Incentive Grant Fund provides an additional first time campers grant of $1,000/camper for camps greater than 18 days, or $500/camper for camps 12-18 days for any qualifying Jewish overnight camp, aside from Camp Judaea. 


Additional funds are available to second year campers of $500/camper for camps greater than 18 days, or $250/camper for camps 12-18 days. 


Contact Carly Dunno at the Greensboro Jewish Federation for information about these programs at (336) 852-5433 x243.

Second Year Camper Grant Available

Jewish Family Services Scholarships and Other Funding

Jewish Family Services

JFS provides assistance to middle income families to help with the cost of sending a child to camp. The application is always due by the last day of February. For JFS funds, you must have applied to the camp for financial aid. For any questions, contact Betsy Gamburg or call (336) 852-4829 x225.


Camp Financial Aid

Most camps offer financial aid. Talk with the camp about this and apply online at the camp's website. Most financial aid applications are on the website as well.  Apply as early as you can.

Assistance From Congregations

If you are a member of a congregation, contact your Rabbi for any possible additional assistance.


The Bradley J. Starr Campership Fund at Temple Emanuel provides a limited number of scholarships on a first come, first served basis if the child is not​ receiving assistance from the One Happy Camper Fund Incentive Grant. Temple membership is not required. Contact Brenda Henley at the Temple (336) 292-7899.