Mitzvah Day

Mitzvah Day is a wonderful opportunity for you to participate in the holy task of tikkun olam, repairing the world. Mitzvah Day is a concerted effort, on a single day, to bring the entire community together to spend one day volunteering with social justice projects/activities in the community. Participants choose from a variety of projects that cater to diverse interests, capabilities, and ages. Mitzvah Day will strengthen your commitment to social action and the Greensboro Jewish community.

Christmas at Cone

Every year on Christmas and Christmas Eve, Jewish volunteers in Greensboro participate in staffing various positions at Moses Cone and Wesley Long hospitals in order to give regular staff an opportunity to celebrate the Christmas holidays with their families. More than 100 volunteers participate in this rewarding tradition each holiday season.

2019 Sign-Ups will be posted in November.

Please contact David FrazierJFS Volunteer Coordinator, with any questions.  

The Greensboro Jewish Federation and Jewish Family Services works to actively engage the Jewish community in meaningful volunteer opportunities. Through their tremendous commitment and dedication, our volunteers exemplify the spirit of tikkun olam, or repairing the world. Programs and services offered by Jewish Family Services and the Greensboro Jewish Federation include Friendly Visitors, Mitzvah Day, Holiday Gift Bags, Senior Holiday Luncheons, B’nai Mitzvah projects, and Christmas at Cone Health. For more information on these opportunities or to suggest other ways our community can volunteer, contact David Frazier, volunteer coordinator, at dfrazier@shalomgreensboro.org or 852-4829, ext. 227.

Volunteer Opportunities for All Ages!

From preschoolers through the elderly, from individuals to large family groups, our volunteers graciously complement the work of our professional staff. Jewish Family Services understands volunteers are a valuable resource that has an immeasurable impact, not only on our agency, but on our community as a whole. By becoming a volunteer, you give us the most precious gift of all – yourself. Your acts of human kindness—of helping others—through Jewish Family Services help make the world a better place and bring hope to those in need. We have lots of options for volunteers, including short- and long-term commitments. Anyone can learn the value of helping others.