The Greensboro Jewish Federation provides opportunities to get involved, build relationships, help ourselves, help others, and strengthen community.

Campaign Kickoff - Wednesday, January 16, 6 p.m. at Carolina Theatre

Join us for our annual Campaign Kickoff featuring Rabbi Sharon Brous. Event begins at 6 p.m. at Carolina Theatre. Register online or call Dianne Hines (336) 852-5433 x233.

Mission to Berlin - September 16-22 2019

The Greensboro Jewish Federation is hosting a mission to Berlin where there will be many unique opportunities. We will be learning more about and remembering the Holocaust, the Cold War, and many other significant moments in history. We will also be enjoying the thriving modern culture and Jewish community in the city as we explore Berlin during our mission.

September 16-22 2019

Super Sunday Telethon - February 3, from 9 a.m. - noon

Volunteers needed! Bagels and coffee and other snacks - all for a morning of doing good in YOUR Jewish community. Contact Dianne Hines (336) 852-5433 x233 for more information or to rsvp by phone.

Please check the COMMUNITY CALENDAR for upcoming events.

Campaign Divisions

The Federation's Campaign Divisions support the annual fundraising campaign and offer programming, speakers, events, and pledge opportunities. The Women's Philanthropy and the Men's Division each offer our donors many ways to get involved. The Young Adult Division, in conjunction with the local J Triad chapter, engage millennials in frequent get-togethers and networking opportunities. Each division commits their time, creativity, and donations to our organization. Together, we can do extraordinary things. 

Federation Affinity Groups

Interested in meeting other people with similar interests or professional goals? Our affinity groups offer community members a unique opportunity to meet other talented individuals who share their passion for improving the world and celebrating the Jewish culture.

Become A Volunteer

Jewish Family Services provides a network of resources that create meaningful volunteer opportunities and a centralized entry point for Greensboro's Jewish community volunteers to get involved. Our volunteer coordinator is in the business of “making matches” – between volunteers and the organizations that need them. We work with prospective volunteers, who share key information about their goals and interests, their availability and how much time they want to devote to volunteering. We work with agencies, organizations and synagogues, who share their needs. Then we make a match. For more information, contact David Frazier at (336) 852-4829 x227.