Access to Resources

Resources are available to help you find a job, find a home or simply meet basic needs. Learn more here.

Career Center

Our Career Center features jobs from Greensboro Jewish Federation, our constituent agencies and our community partners.

Gesher Greensboro

The Gesher Greensboro (Gesher means “bridge” in Hebrew) project is designed to recruit, retain and relocate Jewish individuals (and their families) to Greensboro; ultimately benefiting all of our Jewish institutions and organizations and our community as a whole.

Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services provides a wide array of services to help local Jewish residents maintain a high quality of life. Call (336) 852-4829 to learn how you can access our van services, food pantry, congregational nurse, licensed social worker and more!

  • Get Help

    The Greensboro Jewish Federation mission states that "recognizing that each Jew is responsible, one for another, the Federation promotes the welfare of the Jewish people in our community, in Israel and worldwide". We take care of each other and when help is needed, we are here to provide. Whether you are looking for a job, need some help at home, or need provisions to make ends meet, we have resources available. Please call 336-852-4829 for individual requests or more information.

Federation Support for People with Special Needs Brings a Community Together

Jewish communities across the country are addressing issues of inclusion and access. Studies have shown that people with disabilities, estimated as one person in every six, are dramatically underrepresented among those engaged in Jewish life. Jewish Federation aims to reverse that trend. As a collective, Jewish Federations advocate for legislation that protects and enhances life for people with disabilities. And across North America, Federation-supported programs are creating a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities and their families within the Jewish community, with a focus on children with special needs.