Greensboro Jewish Federation

Strategic Planning Process



In the fall of 2017 the Greensboro Jewish Federation embarked on a process to ensure that our Federation and our community will be a place where Jewish life thrives in all its various forms and religious practices well into the future. Read full plan here.


Update on Progress as of 10.7.2019 - GJF 2018 Strategic Plan Progress


Our vision for Greensboro:  A community where YOUR Jewish life can thrive.

  • Strategic Plan has brought about great energy and synergy with GJF volunteer and professional leadership
  • It is recognized that strategic planning is a living, breathing process and document
  • Executive Summary to be distributed to Federation staff, GJF, JFS and JFG Boards and on GJF website


Strategic Opportunity #1:  Increase Financial Resources Toward GJF Financial Stability

Goal 1:  Federation/Foundation grow Total FRD:  endowments, DAF’s, Federation endowment and annual campaign

Goal 2:  Staff alignment to accomplish Goal 1


  • Annual Campaign
    • Supplemental Giving Policy/Directed Giving Policy passed by the GJF Board in May, 2018
    • Matching Gifts from TLLF Policy passed by the GJF Board in September, 2018. For increases of over $100, the Leon Levine Foundation matched up to $50,000:  Annual 2019 campaign or GJF Unrestricted Endowment Fund or Tobee and Leonard Kaplan JFS Client Assistance Fund or GJF Global Emergency Fund.
    • Funding from TLLF has brought new energy and new focus on the campaign and enhanced staffing
      • Hired new Major Gifts Officer position with funding from The Leon Levine Foundation; stewardship meetings with donors and potential donors scheduled regularly
      • Hired new p/t Office Assistant to provide administrative, reception and facility administration support
      • New job title and more focused campaign responsibilities for Director of Donor Engagement and Campaign Operations
    • Automating weekly campaign reports include closed gifts, open gifts, supplemental gifts, those designated gifts qualifying for matching funds as well as percent increase/decrease
      • Installed new Conga Software to interface with Salesforce to provide better reporting/communication with donors
    • Enhancing donor-centric giving with infographics
    • GJF accepted a new campaign endowment from Ellen and Gary Fischer as contributions for the 2019 Annual Campaign Supplemental Funding
  • GJF accepted new designated funds from Ellen and Gary Fischer for Jewish overnight camp (Yr#1/Yr #2) and March of the Living
  • Increased funds in the GJF Unrestricted Endowment Fund ($781K to $1.3M)
  • Changed role of Facility and Office Assistant to Office and CRM Manager to improve efficiencies in the back office support for donor development and relations
  • 325 increased, new or recovered contributions were solicited for the 2018 Annual Campaign
  • Historical data and dashboards are continually updated
  • Jewish Foundation of Greensboro:
    • Increased personal interaction with donors and acknowledgement of donors; Highlighting “JFG Donor of the Month”
    • May 31, 2018- April 20, 2019:     
      • 1171 grants distributed of over $5.4M
      • 13 new funds created
      • $3.75 contributions received
    • Review of JFG name and completed strategic plan
    • Affiliate Visits 2018-2019:  Temple Emanuel W/S, Roanoke Jewish Federation, VA, Mt Sinai Synagogue, Cheyenne, WY, B’nai Israel, Wilmington, NC, Carolina Foundation for Jewish Seniors, Western NC Jewish Federation, Asheville, NC.
    • One New LOJE and two new LOJ contributions have been solicited
    • Additional PACE and LOJE contributions have been pledged as contributions for the 2019 Annual Campaign Supplemental Funding from Mike and Sylvia Berkelhammer
    • New JFS Assistant Director hired with focus on affiliate relations and Create a Jewish Legacy
  • Jewish Family Services
    • JFS has maximized contributions from donors for client assistance including the JFS van with matches from TLLF.
    • JFS received Fifty percent increase in Enterprise Grant for van
    • JFS new CARS program in cooperation with national program to receive donated cars and 80% return on each donation



Strategic Opportunity #2:  Federation as Jewish Community Entry Point

Goal 1:  Work with LRT to support community concierge services as entry point to GSO Jewish community; menu of services


  • Discussion with LRT re: community concierge; potential incentives for newcomers
  • JFS and GJF staff have been reaching out to newcomers individually with in-person coffees and phone calls
  • Database enhancement; update of date of birth and emails
  • Tracking new members of our community


Goal 2:  Implement Marketing Strategy to promote GSO Jewish community and Federation as convener


  • Creative and Visuals professional hired; new hardware and software purchased for in-house use
  • Marketing Committee created new marketing strategy; new JFS logo, updated GJF website portal and JFS website, videos,
    • Measurement of social media channels
    • Facebook Live Video used post Women’s Opening Event
    • Produced four short videos highlighting different impacts of Federation. Videos were marketed on Facebook and have increased our outreach. Note: Jenny Kaiser produced videos.
  • Crisis Communications Plan completed; Business Continuity Plan and Cybersecurity Procedures plan in process; met with staff from the Center for Creative Leadership and colleagues at JFNA Finance and Technology Conference
  • Responded immediately to Hurricanes, Pittsburgh Shooting, Fires in California
  • Consistent and impressive professional marketing materials
  • New format of Shalom Greensboro Magazine has been impressive
    • Editorial Board guidelines developed
    • Training session regarding magazine submissions held with all Jewish community institutions
  • Jewish Community Marketing Brochure completed to be distributed to all newcomers through Jewish community institutions and broader community organizations such as Chamber of Commerce, et al.
  • New JFG website, Facebook Page and Instagram


Goal 3:  Revisit Gesher Greensboro; connect existing resources and become value-added organization for local businesses


  • Initiated IGNITE to conduct programming for business and professional community.
  • Two programs and discussions already held regarding Attracting and Retaining Talent in Greensboro; compilation of data and review scheduled in late October; An upcoming program scheduled to discuss attracting Israeli businesses to NC with Secretary of Commerce


Strategic Opportunity #3:  Succession Planning/Next Generation of Volunteer and Professional Leadership

Goal 1:  Continue and grow GFLI; build on success


  • GFLI Cohort #1 has been completed with monthly educational series developed with Noam Soker, Carly Dunno, Emily Gray, Karen Dyer and Rabbi Rebecca Ben-Gideon including experiential programs such as JFNA GA/IREP, JWRP, Cuba; Mentorship program
  • GFLI Cohort #2, Year #1 began in Fall, 2019


Goal 2:  Develop professional development program to develop and retain qualified candidates for senior leadership positions


  • Marissa Milstein and Emily Gray attended JFNA Campaign Chairs and Director’s mission to Argentina and Uruguay
  • Onboarding of new staff members and new GJF Board of Trustees, JFS and JFG Board members


Goal 3:  Inventory and document core Federation functions, processes and stakeholder relationships


  • Succession Plan document completed; conversations with HR Committee re: Federation, JFS and JFG senior leadership transitions in the future including adequate financial resources for grooming next gen of professional leaders
  • Working with HR Committee and Directors on inventory and documentation of core Federation functions, processes
  • GJF, JFG and JFS Institutional and Community Memory notated in Salesforce about passions/interests of donors and family constellations and other pertinent information about top giving stakeholder families
  • Increased Operating Reserves for GJF, JFS and JFG
  • Professional leadership opportunities available through JFNA Mandel Center I-Lead, JTS JELI program and JPRO
  • Administrative and Office Systems
    • Accounting System migrated to Accounting Seed to overlay with Salesforce CRM/database system for greater integration
    • Two methods of credit card payments for donations and programs merged into one
    • New payroll system transition
    • Review of all internal processes for thanking donors including via email, printed mail, tax letters, end of year/beginning of year thank you’s and lifecycle acknowledgements.
  • Employee Handbook revisions concluded


Strategic Opportunity #4:  Federation’s Responsiveness

Goal 1:  Create and implement new communications plan to reach broader demographic


  • Disaster Relief Planning
    • JFS Participated in Disaster Relief Planning Efforts with FEMA, NC-VOAD, JFNA and all of the Jewish Federations in North Carolina, Nechama and Wrote Plan Document including checklist and emergency procedures
    • Rapid response to emergencies in our community
      • Tornado and hurricane relief
      • Needs of Federal government employees during federal government shutdown
      • AHA closure and needs of former AHA staff and faculty including food, housing, employment, insurance
        • Special emergency mailbox opened; local and out of town donors as well as out-of-state foundation gave significant donations amounting to over $72,000.
  • Security
    • GJF convened all Jewish community institutions to meet with Greensboro Police Department and Department of Homeland Security with Secure Community Network (SCN) support
    • DHS has assessed GJF, BD, BSDS and TE with regard to security needs
    • Submission and awardee of DHS grant for security with assistance of JFNA Washington, DC office
    • Staff Active Shooter Training with GPD
  • Marketing and Communications (see 2/2)


Goal 2:  Review Federation Executive Committee and Board engagement to make decision making more seamless and engage more board members in activities outside of board meetings. Evaluate effectiveness and structures. Distinguish between political/legislative and moral/humanitarian issues


  • Engaging Board members according to their interests
  • President, Immediate Past President and Incoming President involved in determining distributions from GJF Global Emergency Fund; also in making statements to the press and the community
  • Campaign Ad-Hoc Task Force reviewed gender issues related to Men’s and Women’s Campaign
  • Allocations Ad-Hoc Task Force to review annual process


Strategic Opportunity #5:  Inclusive Environment:  Adapt and enhance Jewish programs, services and involvement opportunities to rapidly changing demands of the local community. Create new forums on diverse perspectives on local Jewish life and Israel.

Goal 1:  Identify individuals across age groups involved in Jewish activities and define gaps in engagement and programming


  • Missions
    • GLFI to Cuba
    • 2018 JFNA GA in Israel; participation in IREP Study Day
    • JWRP Mission to Israel for mothers of young children
    • 2018 NYC Mission
    • 2019 Richmond Mission
    • 2019 Berlin Study Mission
    • 2020 Civil Rights Mission in the planning stages
  • Open Campaign/Other Events
    • Foreign Cars, Health Night, Interfaith Night, Jews and Brews, Women’s Events
  • Partnership 2Together Southeast Consortium with Hadera-Eiran Region – opportunity for new volunteer involvement
    • Educators
    • Young Leaders
    • Teens
    • Steering Committee
  • Growth of Triad Jewish Film Festival – committee and participants
  • Increased Campers receiving One Happy Camper grants for the first time as well as second year grantees


Goal 2:  Provide opportunities to different age groups for engagement at life transition points


  • Potential funding available through Major Donor Family for forums on key topics
  • PJ Library
    • Hired PJ Library Parent Connector to plan programs for families with young children
    • Increased creative family programming
  • Jewish Book Council authors presented at B’nai Shalom Day School Reading Week – March 2019
  • Jewish Family Services
    • Revising responsibilities of JFS staff member to Program Specialist to work in collaboration with Outreach and Engagement Manager/PJ Library Parent Connector. JFS Program Specialist to plan programming for parents, holiday gift bags and needs assessment for food pantry
    • Instituting senior trips to provide increased opportunities for older adults to participate in a Jewish community activity for socialization and stimulation.
    • More structured approach to newcomers to the community; increased communication among Federation and JFS staff and more consistent follow through from JFS staff. Adding numbers of outreach to newcomers and newly engaged to our monthly statistics and will track who they are.
    • Development of J-Drive program as new volunteer opportunity for adults to better serve growing demand on current van transportation program.
    • Music and Memory Individualized Senior Program
    • JFS sponsored trip to New Bern, NC to prepare Shabbat Kiddush lunch and lead services – JFS Director, Volunteer Coordinator and volunteers including Rabbi Cohen participated.
    • Sensitivity training and educational program with Keshet about LGBTQ for staff and boards of JFS, JFG and GJF
    • Transgender programming
    • Caregiver support group
    • Special needs young adult programming with focus on volunteerism
    • Food Pantry education programs for all Greensboro citizens – Elon Law School students, Scout Troops, Nurses, other
    • Chai Notes, Family Programming, Volunteer Opportunities, Senior programming including welcome bag
    • Children and Family Programs to be inclusive and embrace new populations to JFS including LGBTQ programming.
  • Women’s Philanthropy Collective
    • Women’s Opening Luncheon with timely speaker; often supported by the Florence Weinstein Jacobson Fund for Women and Leadership
    • WPC programming included interfaith couples and families


Strategic Opportunity #6:  Community Leadership/Foster Collaborations and Partnerships with GSO agencies and organizations

Goal 1:  Engage greater numbers of Jewish community in general community non-profit and civic organizations and boards



Goal 2:  Review current engagements with Greater GSO community organizations and define other opportunities


  • Meetings with Greensboro City Council, County Commissioners, School Board and School Educational Leaders, Cone Health Diversity Officer about anti-Semitism, respect for difference and safety concerns
  • Sponsorship of Campus Greensboro Fellows in summers 2018/2019 (Kaplan Leadership Institute Participants)
  • GFLI outreach efforts to Greensboro City Food Task force/A Simple Gesture and Food Collections post High Holy Days
  • Staff members’ participation in Chamber of Commerce State of the Community Event and in CFGG’s Community Indicator’s Program on Inclusivity
  • Visited B’nai Shalom Day School and Bennett College class on Anti-Semitism with representatives of the Ethiopian National Project from Israel
  • Brought together all Jewish community leadership with Greensboro Police Department to discuss security.
  • Worked with the Muslim Community and International Civil Rights Center and Museum, CFGG, NCCJ, BD and TE on visit by journalist Yair Rosenberg and Imam Abdul Antepli (Duke University professor and Director of Islamic Studies Dept)
  • Worked with Rev. Odell Cleveland/Mt. Zion Baptist Church to promote Emanuel Movie and Guest Speakers from Charleston AME Church at Mt. Zion, International Civil Rights Center and Museum, UNCG Auditorium and Temple Emanuel
  • NC Hillel briefings for Federation Executive Committee and Leadership Roundtable members re: anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel activity on campuses throughout the state.
  • Coordination of HPU students to attend 2019 AIPAC Conference
  • Community organizations use Federation meeting space free-of-charge during work hours – such as NC Council on the Holocaust and EMF.
  • Jewish Family Services
    • Created Jewish Holiday Guide and training for Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities (including menus of Jewish holiday foods)
    • GFLI Fellow and JFS Staff participating in City of GSO Food Task Force to increase volunteer opportunities and develop educational programming for our community to increase awareness and involvement. Greensboro Food Security Issues involvement with A Simple Gesture, Out of the Garden; Streetwatch added to Mitzvah Day volunteer site
    • Developing new relationships has been an area of focus for all staff. Volunteer program has focused on YWCA, Streetwatch, Interactive Resource Center (including staff service program); Congregational Nurse now involved with TRALA, senior provider organization; New initiative through Chai Notes with Creative Aging-NC and bringing new volunteers in as advisory committee for music and memory; also opened up relationships with AARP (new sponsor for senior lunches), American Cancer Society, and Community Foundation of GSO.
    • Get Out The Vote education
    • Planning November annual Ruth and Morry Jacobs Blood Drive.

October 7, 2019