Greensboro Jewish Federation

Strategic Planning Process



In the fall of 2017 the Greensboro Jewish Federation embarked on a process to ensure that our Federation and our community will be a place where Jewish life thrives in all its various forms and religious practices well into the future. Read full plan here.

Below is our progress to date.

Executive Summary:

Greensboro Jewish Federation 2018 Strategic Plan as of August 8, 2018

Our vision for Greensboro:  A community where YOUR Jewish life can thrive


  • Strategic Plan has brought about great energy and synergy with GJF volunteer and professional leadership
  • It is recognized that strategic planning is a living, breathing process and document
  • Executive Summary should be distributed to Federation staff, GJF, JFS and JFG Boards as well as all those stakeholders who participated in the initial interviews


Strategic Opportunity #1:  Increase Financial Resources Toward GJF Financial Stability

Goal 1:  Federation/Foundation grow Total FRD:  endowments, DAF’s, Federation endowment and annual campaign

Goal 2:  Staff alignment to accomplish Goal 1


  • Supplemental Giving Policy/Directed Giving Policy passed by the GJF Board in May, 2018
  • Matching Gifts from TLLF Policy to come before the GJF Board in September, 2018
  • Will begin to promote these policies/programs as the campaign efforts begin
  • GJF accepted a new campaign endowment from Ellen and Gary Fischer
  • GJF accepted new funds from Ellen and Gary Fischer for Jewish overnight camp and March of the Living; will need to promote prior to recruitment
  • New job title and more focused campaign responsibilities for Director of Donor Engagement and Campaign Operations
  • Changed role of Facility and Office Assistant to Office and CRM Manager to improve efficiencies in the back office support for donor development and relations
  • Hired new p/t Office Assistant to provide administrative, reception and facility administration support
  • Hiring new p/t Major Gifts Officer position with funding from The Leon Levine Foundation


Strategic Opportunity #2:  Federation as Jewish Community Entry Point

Goal 1:  Work with LRT to support community concierge services as entry point to Gso Jewish community; menu of services

Goal 2:  Implement a Marketing Strategy to promote Gso Jewish community and Federation as convenor

Goal 3:  Revisit Gesher Greensboro; connect existing resources and become value-added organization for local businesses


  • Discussion with LRT re: community concierge; potential incentives for newcomers
  • Marketing Committee creating new marketing strategy; new logo, updated websites, videos
  • Creative and Visuals professional hired; new hardware and software purchased for in-house use
  • Initial discussions with Directors about utilization of professional staff for marketing efforts


Strategic Opportunity #3:  Succession Planning/Next Generation of Volunteer and Professional Leadership

Goal 1:  Continue and grow GFLI; build on success

Create a Succession Plan to prepare Federation, JFS and JFG for senior leadership transitions in the future including adequate financial resources for grooming next gen of professional leaders

Goal 2:  Develop professional development program to develop and retain qualified candidates for senior leadership positions

Goal 3:  Inventory and document core Federation functions, processes and stakeholder relationships


  • GFLI Cohort #1, year #2 has begun with GFLI’ers participating in experiential programs such as JFNA GA and IREP, JWRP and GFLI to Cuba as well as leadership responsibilities; Mentorship program continued
  • Beginning plans soon for GFLI Cohort #2, Year #1 to begin in Fall, 2019
  • Consider including requests for funds for GFLI and Professional Development to The Leon Levine Foundation
  • Succession planning discussions and documentation underway with the HR Committee and Directors
  • Review of Operating Reserves for GJF, JFS and JFG
  • Consider professional leadership opportunities through JFNA Mandel Center I-Lead, JTS JELI program and JPRO
  • Working with HR Committee and Directors on inventory and documentation of core Federation functions, processes
  • Adding pertinent information about top giving stakeholder families and their relationships into Salesforce


Strategic Opportunity #4:  Federation’s Responsiveness

Goal 1:  Create and implement new communications plan to reach broader demographic

Goal 2:  Review Federation Executive Committee and Board engagement to make decision making more seamless and engage more board members in activities outside of board meetings. Evaluate effectiveness and structures. Distinguish between political/legislative and moral/humanitarian issues


  • Marketing Committee and Communications and Corporate Sponsorship Manager working on new communications plan
  • Hiring new p/t Director of Community Relations and Israel Affairs position with funding from The Leon Levine Foundation


Strategic Opportunity #5:  Inclusive Environment:  Adapt and enhance Jewish programs, services and involvement opportunities to rapidly changing demands of the local community. Create new forums on diverse perspectives on local Jewish life and Israel.

Goal 1:  Identify individuals across age groups involved in Jewish activities and define gaps in engagement and programming

Goal 2:  Provide opportunities to different age groups for engagement at life transition points


  • Hiring new p/t Director of Community Relations and Israel Affairs position with funding from The Leon Levine Foundation (duplicated in #4)
  • Funding available through a Major Donor Family for forums
  • Some members of the JFNA GA delegation to attend IREP Study Day in Israel
  • Children and Family Programs to be inclusive and embrace new populations to JFS including LGBTQ programming. Planning for a second program on gender issues.
  • Instituting senior trips, second one this fall to provide increased opportunities for older adults to participate in a Jewish community activity for socialization and stimulation.
  • More structured approach to newcomers to the community; increased communication among Federation and JFS staff and more consistent follow through from JFS staff. Adding numbers of outreach to newcomers and newly engaged to our monthly statistics and will track who they are.
  • Development of J-Drive program as new volunteer opportunity for adults to better serve growing demand on current van transportation program.


Strategic Opportunity #6:  Community Leadership/Foster Collaborations and Partnerships with Gso agencies and organizations

Goal 1:  Engage greater numbers of Jewish community in general community non-profit and civic organizations and boards

Goal 2:  Review current engagements with Greater Gso community organizations and define other opportunities


  • Sponsorship of a Fellow participating in the Opportunity Greensboro Fellowship Program Summer of 2018 (newly renamed Campus Greensboro Fellows); a collaboration with GJF, JFG and Action Greensboro with all area universities and colleges.
  • Streetwatch added to Mitzvah Day volunteer site
  • JFS Fellow from GFLI attending City of GSO Food Task Force to increase volunteer opportunities and develop educational programming for our community to increase awareness and involvement
  • New Outreach to Beth David Rabbi, Ex. Dir, and Education Director to discuss BD involvement and food pantry especially related to increasing food collection and BD membership involvement at all levels including religious school and other parts of their organization.
  • Developing new relationships has been an area of focus for all staff. Volunteer has focused on YWCA, Streetwatch among others; Congregational Nurse now involved with TRALA, senior provider organization; New initiative through Chai Notes with Creative Aging-NC and bringing new volunteers in as advisory committee for music and memory; also opened up relationships with AARP (new sponsor for senior lunches), American Cancer Society, and Community Foundation of GSO.