Interfaith Study Mission 2016

The seventh Greensboro Interfaith Study Mission to Israel works to build bridges of understanding among people of diverse backgrounds building respect and understanding across spiritual preferences, religions, races, ethnicities and cultures.

Day 10 - Wednesday, March 16, IFSM2016

Last Day

Forgot to mention a few things from yesterday like breakfast with Rebecca Caspi, director of the JFNA Israel office and with Grace Rodnitski, Director of Development for the Ethiopian National Project. We also had a wonderful evening at an Israeli night club with entertainment an…

Day 9 - Tuesday, March 15, IFSM2016

It was a very intense day today with a deep dive into West Bank, Settlers and Palestinians as well as the Holocaust.

Today, we drove to Efrat in the Gush Etzion - the West Bank. We met with the charismatic Mayor of the town, Oded Revivi. Oded, it turns out, is the son of my dear colleagu…

Day 8 - Monday, March 14, IFSM2016

Old City

We started our day with an excellent briefing by Reuven Hazan about the differences between the Israeli and American systems of democracy. After describing each (e.g., must be in the country in Israel to vote, winner takes all in the U.S., security is the number one issue in Isr…

Day 7 - Sunday, March 13, IFSM2016

Judean Desert - Freedom?

We drove to Masada today. Most of the group took the cable car up, while Aaron and Jen Strasser hiked up in 30 minutes with Nadia Moffit just behind them. Ellen Sheridan and I took up the rear and Eli offered some assistance to help us reach the top. We walked…

Day 6 - Saturday, March 12, IFSM2016

Shabbat was a day of rest for some of us as we walked to an egalitarian minyan with great davening which lifted our souls - in fact I am still singing the niggunim in my head!

We had a light lunch in the courtyard and were joined for a few minutes by an Orthodox couple who had made Aliya…