Poet Muriel Hoff Shares Insights on Her Work

Greensboro author Muriel Hoff recently gave a poetry reading of her latest book Beautiful the Whispering of Wind. The event, which was held at Abbotswood at Irving Park, was well attended and enjoyed by all.


Hoff, whose works have been featured in numerous publications, including Anthology of Magazine Verse, The Greensboro Group Writer’s Choice and the North Carolina Poetry Society Here’s to the Land, indicated that all of the poetry in her recent book was channeled from the most inspirational and challenging inner revelations of her lifetime.


“Everybody has a special spark that enables them to bring joy, and light up the world. The poems included in my newest book, Beautiful the Whispering of Wind, awaken in me, and I hope my fellow reader a sense of tranquility, peace, and a closer relationship to God and humankind,” said Hoff.


Hoff is a founding member of the Greensboro Writers Club, member of the Writers Group of the Triad and the North Carolina Poetry Society. She is a Lion of Judah, a lifetime member of Hadassah and past-president of Beth David Sisterhood. Beautiful The Whispering Wind is the fifth book in a series.


Pictured: Muriel Hoff (center) (l to r) Betsy Gamburg, Laura Hausman, Hindy Plotkin, Cindi Hoff, Rachel Spalding, Susan Gutterman