More and More Happiness: Simchat Torah

Holiday of Happiness: Simchat Torah

This Shabbat, we end the Jewish Holiday season with the happiest day of the year, Simchat Torah. There are many other happy days in the Jewish Calendar, but only one that has “Happy” in its name.

Simchat Torah celebrates the renewal of the annual cycle of Torah reading. We finish with Parshat V’Zot HaBracha and begin again with Bereshit.

When we dance we are equal Looking at the customs of Simchat Torah one can see why it is associated with “Happiness”. One of the main customs of Simchat Torah is dancing with the Torah. This practice shines a light on the unity of the Jewish people.

When the Torah is open, the differences amongst Jews are apparent. Some Jews can read Hebrew, some Jews know trope, and others understand all of the commentaries. There are differences in background and education. When the Torah is wrapped in its covering these differences disappear and all Jews become equal. The connection of the Jewish people on Simchat Torah is without boundaries, it is higher than understanding. Concentrating on this idea of unity, a unity that is supported by the work of the Greensboro Jewish Federation, is what brings true  “Happiness”. 

Chag Sameach - 

R. Eli Sneiderman