'Here with welcome arms': Jewish Family Services Assists Refugees

By Courtney Wallen Greensboro PUBLISHED 4:16 PM ET Feb. 28, 2022

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greensboro Jewish Federation’s Jewish Family Services assists refugee families resettling in North Carolina. With more than 500,000 people fleeing Ukraine, there’s no word on if any refugees are coming to the United States, but leaders at Jewish Family Services say they will welcome them with open arms. 

Jewish Family Services assists refugee families by providing help with housing, food stamps and other resources. The organization is currently sponsoring a family of eight from Afghanistan. Amanda Loflin, volunteer and program coordinator, says helping this community is important for the organization.

“Jews have a history of not always being welcomed somewhere, or being kicked out of somewhere. So, we try to make sure that we can help others with that,” Loflin said. 

The process for refugee families can be difficult. They often come from military bases to the United States, where organizations help them get on their feet, according to Loflin. Loflin also assists families in understanding American culture and customs.

“Our community has kind of been out there as much as we can, helping them just get set up with housing, and moving stuff,” Loflin says. 

Loflin isn’t sure if or when they could see Ukrainian families, but she says they will welcome them with open arms. 

“I think it’s very possible. This all seems so new and sudden that I don’t know the answer to that, but I know that the Jewish community will be here with welcome arms,” Loflin says. 

Jewish Family Services opens its food pantry every Thursday by appointment. Call (336) 852-4829 for more information. The Greensboro Jewish Federation is collecting donations for the Crisis in Ukraine.

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