HPU Creates an Environment of Inclusivity

The JCRC of the Greensboro Jewish Federation would like to thank Dr. Nido Qubein, the High Point University President, for his strong response to an antisemitic incident that happened on campus. Out of all the recent incidents nationwide, this is one of the strongest responses. May we all learn from Dr. Qubein. This is an example of a masterclass in allyship.


Dear Rabbi Sneiderman,

Please be assured that we take the incident reported to you most seriously. Please see message I sent to all students and all parents this afternoon. Somehow I didn’t find out about this until 1:45pm today. We are investigating thoroughly. 

Dr. Nido R. Qubein


High Point University 


Dear HPU Family,


As we’ve stated before publicly and on many occasions, HPU abhors antisemitism, racism and bias in any form and will not tolerate it under any circumstances. You are urged to report any occurrences using the bias incident report form through the Office of Student Life. We will continue to work together to actively create an environment of inclusivity where every member of our community feels safe, welcomed, respected, and appreciated.


I’m saddened today and am writing to share my condemnation of an antisemitic symbol that was drawn on a residence hall dorm room recently. We share our deepest apology to the student and the family who were impacted by this incident. This behavior does not align with our university’s God, family, and country values. 


We have an active investigation regarding this incident, and the responsible person or persons will be held accountable based on HPU’s Student Guide to Campus Life, which could include expulsion.

HPU stands for equality, civility, and respect towards all. We are all God’s children, deserving of each other’s acceptance and inclusion. And on the campus of High Point University, we want to live in a way that demonstrates the institution’s beliefs and values.


We continue to cultivate an atmosphere where every member of our family feels “at home” here. And I trust you will join me in working to always ensure that our campus is a safe and welcoming home for every student, every faculty and staff member, and every visitor to High Point University.


May God fill us with wisdom, empathy, patience, and love so that we can live respectfully and peacefully with one another.



Nido R. Qubein