Dvar Torah - Vayeshev

The Holiday of Chanukah begins this Thursday, December 7th at night. As we cram those little colored candles into the Menorah, it is easy to forget that the holiday is actually centered around oil lamps and not candles. What is so special about oil?  Oil is derived only after a lengthy process. If one tried to light an olive on fire or even the juice that comes from it when squeezed, the result would merely be a mess.
The light of Chanukah only comes when something has been worked on and refined: so too, the light in our own lives is derived the same way. Sometimes we go through some very difficult experiences. But, it is only after being "squeezed" so to speak that the light can come out. There is a question asked amongst the youth, "Is the juice worth the squeeze"? On Chanukah, the answer is a resounding yes. Enjoy the extra squeeze you get during this holiday and enjoy the light of your friends and family. 

Shabbat Shalom,

R. Eli Sneiderman