Dvar Torah - All are Created in the Image of God

This has been one of the most difficult weeks I can remember. I was raised with a firm belief that “Never Again” means “Never Again” and that the slaughter of Jews for being Jewish would never happen again. And here I sit with today’s Nazis posting their atrocities on social media.

I am tired of explaining to people that after the horrors of last week definitions of moral clarity. Life should not go on as normal. There must be a conscious intentional change for the better.

We see a direct reminder for that necessary change in this week’s Parsha, Bereshit. Bereshit, Genesis, includes the famous verse, 1:26 “And God created man in His image; in the image of God He created him…” 

This verse serves as the foundation for modern western morality. ‘All are created equal…and entitled to inalienable rights”.

This week as we go about our business, make an effort to treat others with the dignity and respect due a creation of G-d. If we all saw the “other” as a creation of the Divine, the world would be well on its way to healing itself.