Anshei Greensboro Erin Rosen

One of our 2021 Campaign Major Gifts Event co-chairs and a current Vice President on our Executive Committee, Erin Rosen has dedicated so much of her time to our community and is an incredible asset to Jewish Greensboro. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about her here! ❤️
Why Federation?
Federation knows where the needs are. They’ve done the research and can target where resources need to go.  They have a pulse on the Jewish community throughout the world and right here in Greensboro.
What inspires you? What drives you?
Helping others and doing the right thing. 
Tell us about a defining moment in your life.
My first trip to Israel in 2012.  It was on a Federation Mission that we co-lead with the Fishers and the Shapiros.  I remember being at The Kotel on Shabbat and feeling the vibrations of the prayers throughout my body. It was visceral and beautifully spiritual.  
What do you love about Federation missions? Which has been your favorite thus far?
I love the multigenerational family that we build from traveling with members of our community! Also, the educational component is fabulous- we are exposed to world class speakers who give us incredible insight to the places we travel.  I can’t pick a favorite.  They all have been extraordinary and have all far exceeded my expectations. 
If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Time travel.  I’d love the ability to go back in time and change the past. 
Why do you love being Jewish in Greensboro?
Living in a smaller Jewish community has allowed me to become involved in quality projects where I really feel like I am making an impact.  Plus, I always say the best part of Greensboro is the people who live here!