Anshei Greensboro Dan Stein

Dan Stein is our Anshei Greensboro Feature, and we’re so excited for you to learn more about an incredible person in our community ❤️

  • Why Federation?
    I was never involved Jewishly at all throughout my entire life although I had a Bar Mitzvah and did have mostly Jewish friends. I was living in DC, where I was born, and got a job that brought me to Greensboro in 1994. I didn’t know anyone, so I figured I’d try reaching out to the Jewish community – and there was a community waiting for me. I signed up for newsletters from the Federation and joined Beth David and have been involved since. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and formed important and meaningful connections. I am inspired by the strength and dedication of the Jews of Greensboro – this city is absolutely amazing. I never thought about being an active member of the Jewish community or giving philanthropically until I became part of this community, but people here give both their time and money and that really inspired me!
  • Tell us more about the career that brought you here.
    I was an administrative law judge for Social Security Administration deciding claims regarding disability benefits from 1994 to my retirement in 2019. I made decisions for people of all ages who claimed to be entitled to Social Security benefits and I tried to render decisions that were fair but also consistent with the law. Before I moved here, I did somewhat similar work on claims by veterans when I worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Why do you love being Jewish in Greensboro?
    This community is so welcoming to strangers and newcomers – it is incredibly active and impressive. The Jewish community does so much good for both Jews and non-Jews. People from larger metropolitan areas, including my friends in DC, don’t realize how special it is to be Jewish here or what a lovely small city this is.
  • What are your hobbies?
    I am a foodie! I love good food and wine. One of my favorite restaurants in Greensboro is Marisol. I also love to travel – before Covid of course – and would sometimes have more than one international trip a year. I went on the Federation Mission to Israel in 2012 and the Berlin Mission in 2019, both of which were fantastic and increased my circle in the community.
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
    The world needs more kindness. I’d want the superpower to spread it.