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Israel Experience by Ben Schneid

This past semester I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Israel with my class from the American Hebrew Academy.  We left immediately after Rosh Hashanah and came back a week before Thanksgiving. Prior to this trip, I had been to Israel one other time and it was only for two weeks…

70-Year-Old Bella Celebrates Her First Seder

This year is Bella’s first Seder.

As a child in occupied Odessa, Ukraine, 81-year-old Bella Yurash was forced to share sleeping space on the floor of a family’s friend’s basement with her mother and younger sister — and rats.

The most festive Jewish meal she can remember from that …

Safety Net for Flooded Holocaust Survivors: When Cherished Photos are Lost

Shawn Golan’s 80-year-old grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, was stranded on the island in her kitchen while the floodwater rose all around her. For nearly six hours, strong currents on the streets around her house made it impossible for rescuers to reach her.

“I would have put on my wa…

Monday, September 5, 2017

Yolanda Hairston [former UNCG Hillel Director] greets Robert and Shira Chandler as they arrive at Ben Gurion airport in Israel.

Yolanda wrote, "Tomorrow marks 11 years since I made aliyah, and it means so much to me that my Greensboro community, my extended family, makes it a priority to s…

Sunday, September 4, 2017

Photo and story by Ivan Saul Cutler

This morning a delegation from Greensboro's Jewish Federation embarked upon an intense week's journey to Israel.

Rabbi Fred Guttman provided a contextual-historical send-off blessing, declaring the mission participants represent the hopes, dreams, and wi…